Identify & Prioritize your Third Parties

CyberGRX AIR Insights™ replaces the manual and tedious process of understanding inherent risk by employing machine learning across data on the Exchange. The result is rapid and automated insights on the potential likelihood and impact that each of your vendors will have a cyber incident. This enables you to create a prioritized assessment strategy and focus on the third parties that matter the most.

Assess Your Risk Assess & Validate

Determining inherent risk is critical in any third-party cyber risk program

Determining inherent risk is critical in any third-party cyber risk program

  • Automate inherent risk insights across your entire vendor portfolio via crowdsourced data from the exchange
  • Be assured that your vendors' security postures are continuously monitored based on the domain cyber hygiene and industry intelligence
  • Instantly create and prioritize a risk mitigation and assessment strategy upon ingesting your vendor portfolio
  • Review vendor benchmarking across industry, ecosystem, and similar vendors in the exchange

We offer two ways to determine inherent risk – manual and automated. The manual approach involves answering eight questions on each of your vendors.

The automated approach uses existing data on the Exchange to answer those questions for you:



We scan the data on the Exchange to identify how other customers have defined inherent risk for vendors similar to what’s in your portfolio



We apply learnings from the existing data to your vendor population to highlight which vendors have the highest inherent risk



You can accept or overwrite those results and receive a prioritized view of your vendor population broken out by risk rating

VRM Resources to Get You Started

Downloadable content to give you more insight into TPCRM and how having a third-party cyber risk solution helps you manage risk with speed and certainty. 

"CyberGRX is a force multiplier for our third-party cyber risk management program. In just the first year we will be able to assess 3x more vendors than we assessed last year and reallocate the resources saved to true risk management and mitigation efforts."

Adam Fletcher

CISO of Blackstone
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“The support and ongoing collaboration we’ve received from CyberGRX and their customer success team has been extremely responsive and helpful. It has truly changed the way we assess vendors and manage third-party risks. Our executive team is impressed by their innovative third-party risk management approach, and we are excited to be a part of their Exchange.”

Kelly Lutinski

Chief Risk Officer
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"CyberGRX enables us to conduct quality cyber risk assessments reliably and consistently throughout our operations. Assessments are cost-predictable and readily available, saving our vendors’ time and effort and resulting in us being able to assess vendor risk quickly."

QBE Team Member

Security Team Professional
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