Cyber Risk Management For Enterprises

Know which third party matters – instantly


Cyber Risk Management For Third Parties

The markets only cyber risk exchange


Mitigate Risk

Identify and mitigate risk across your entire digital ecosystem with actionable, risk-based analytics focused on real threat exposures

Reduce Costs

The CyberGRX Exchange significantly lowers the cost organizations are incurring today to assess third party cyber risk


Scale your questionnaire response program by completing one CyberGRX assessment and sharing with your upstream business partners


CyberGRX is the market’s first cyber risk exchange platform designed to make it simple, easy, and cost effective to get up-to-date, comprehensive one-click access to third party cyber risk assessments. Whether you are an enterprise, a third party or both, the CyberGRX platform streamlines your third party cyber risk management program by reducing risk and lowering costs.


Reduce Complexity: Gain complete third party visibility and focus on the third parties most likely to impact your organization.
Risk Assessments as a Service: Shift your team from assessment data collectors to risk managers. Our team of experts handles all levels of assessments from beginning to end.
Vision: Enable your third parties with an online cyber assessment delivered in a simple and easy format that encourages accuracy and timeliness.
Reduce Costs and Manage Risk: Our business model reduces your costs while improving your risk posture against third party breaches. Eliminate “shared spreadsheets” and manual communication. Move to automation in all phases of third party cyber risk management.


Enable Efficiency: Complete the CyberGRX assessment once and share with all upstream business partners, shifting your team from inefficient and manual tasks like completing “shared spreadsheets”.
Reduce Costs: Understand where to bolster your cyber security program through a consolidated view of recommendations from your up-stream business partners requirements. There is no cost to join the CyberGRX Exchange.
Ease of Use: Completing a CyberGRX assessment is easy through the intuitive and user-friendly interface. Delegate portions of the assessment to subject matter experts.


With the help of our Design Partners – six of the largest companies in the world including ADP, Aetna and MassMutual, we’re working tirelessly to enable the market to answer the most important question, “Which of my third parties pose the most risk to my organization today?”

“Companies today need to approach third party cyber risk as a business risk that needs to be continuously managed. This requires a new approach, one that enables companies to understand where risks lie within their digital ecosystem, tailor their controls according to those risks, and collaborate with their third parties to remediate and mitigate those risks. The CyberGRX Exchange enables all companies to take this approach.” – Jim Routh CSO, Aetna


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