Verify vendor compliance with greater ease and in less time.

Ensure your third parties meet statutory and industry-specific regulatory
requirements, without tediously combing through assessment data. 


Organizations lose an average of $4 million from a single non-compliance event.

If you’ve got data, then you have a legal obligation to protect it. Ensuring your vendors take the same precautions and adhere to the same industry standards as you can be a major challenge, not to mention the penalties for non-compliance are severe.

Traditionally, vendor compliance verification involves searching through questionnaire answers and connecting data points. The process is cumbersome, not to mention a huge time suck. How can you ensure your third parties are compliant with your regulatory obligations, without spending hours cross-referencing data?

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance verifications.

CyberGRX provides the tools you need to identify, analyze, and remediate third-party security and privacy controls according to the industry regulations that apply to you.

Quickly see who meets your privacy and regulatory requirements– and who does not.

Map third-party assessment data to common and custom industry standard frameworks with CyberGRX’s Framework Mapper, to understand how your third party aligns to regulatory controls, including:

  • NERC
  • NIST 800/CSF
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

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Identify vendor compliance gaps.

Third-party deficiencies mean more risk for you. Know where the compliance gaps exist, so you can work with your vendor on a remediation plan, before it becomes a larger concern.

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Continuously monitor vendors for ongoing compliance.

Compliance is never a one and done process. Get alerts when a
vendor’s security posture has changed, including data breaches,
cyber incidents, and dark web activity.

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Matthew Sharp
"CyberGRX offers us a cost-efficient, state-of-the-art means to manage third-party cyber risk. In our procurement process, we ensure that the residual risk maps to the services for a given third party."

3 steps to
improving your vendor compliance evaluations:

  1. Upload your list of third
    parties into our Exchange.
  2. Discover your blindspots.
  3. Manage your third-party
    cyber risk confidently.
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