TPCRM 101 for the Energy Sector Guidebook

by CyberGRX

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In the cyber sphere, NIST, ISO, AICPA, and DHS are among the multiple organizations that have offered a definition of cyber risk management. While the multiple definitions of cyber risk all differ to a greater or lesser extent, a few key elements remain the same.

Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry isn’t immune to the increased number of cyber attacks plaguing the world in the face of the pandemic. Cybercrime rates have risen 300% as opportunistic hackers are taking advantage of slashed budgets and shrinking IT security teams. Attacks through third parties are even more prevalent, which jeopardizes not only the security of sensitive data, but it also provides attack vectors for hackers to take down critical systems via IoT, unauthorized access, etc. Supply chain systems are an integral part of the oil and gas industry’s survival and bad actors are targeting them.


  1. Why having an effective and efficient Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) program matters

  2. What you need to know to create an effective program

  3. How to optimize your current program

TPCRM energy sector

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