Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies: How We've Written the Book on TPCRM

by CyberGRX

tpcrm for dummies

We're excited to announce that we've written the book on third-party cyber risk management!

Today we released  “Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies!” The book was produced in partnership with the For Dummies® brand, and details how organizations can better prevent security threats from third parties, avoid costly financial and reputational loss, and how utilizing a data-driven approach to third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) is the most effective way to protect themselves. 

Organizations have been approaching TPCRM entirely the wrong way. These methods are outdated and filled with missed opportunities and inefficiencies that leave organizations vulnerable to cyber risk. In this book, we discuss a new, revolutionary data-driven approach to TPCRM. Co-authored by CyberGRX CEO Fred Kneip and Senior Content Marketing Manager Michelle Krasniak, Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies uses real-life examples to highlight challenges associated with traditional TPCRM approaches and outlines how readers can become part of the future of TPCRM. In five chapters, we looked at how to understand third-party cyber risk management, how to communicate its importance to leadership, tackle the traditional (and outdated) approach to TPCRM, how to use a data-driven approach in order to make the most of predictive analytics, and ten ways to make your TPCRM program more successful. 

“For too long, risk management, security, and procurement professionals have had to try to navigate and mitigate third-party cyber risk through a laborious and inefficient assessment process that still ends up lacking the necessary visibility into risk posture,” said Fred Kneip, CEO. “Within the nature of today’s threat landscape, organizations cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to TPCRM. We’ve identified a solution and are excited to introduce this new world of TPCRM. Our hope is that we can help readers implement a new approach that alleviates challenges, removes inconsistencies, and gives them the necessary insight into how to build a TPCRM strategy that actually reduces risk.” 

"A combination of quality cyber risk data and advanced analysis are imperative in cyber risk management,” said Edna Conway, Vice President of Security, Risk and Compliance Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure. “CyberGRX’s book serves as a useful guide on how to adopt a game-changing approach that is critical to detecting and preventing the next generation of cyber threats."

In addition to the release of “Third-Party Cyber Risk Management For Dummies,” We are kicking off a series of webinars that expands upon each chapter of the book, providing rich context and actionable insights for each topic covered. The first webinar in the series is being held on March 15, 2022 at 10 am MST / 12 pm EST when CyberGRX CEO Fred Kneip and a special guest will discuss key points highlighted in the book and provide more insight on how companies can create an effective TPCRM program.

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