The State of Cyber Risk Management in the Retail Industry [Infographic]

by CyberGRX

Risk is an ever-present threat, capable of inflicting substantial harm when vulnerabilities are exploited by malicious actors. In the realm of cyber risk, these threats lie in wait, poised to unleash chaos upon an organization's systems and networks. The consequences of a breach, as known to cybersecurity professionals, can be nothing short of catastrophic.

Within the retail industry, this reality holds true.

Ranked as the third most targeted sector by cyber criminals, retail security teams face an uphill battle. The evolution of customer expectations, a surge in cyber attacks, and the rapid shift toward digital purchasing experiences all contribute to the complex landscape. Any cybersecurity professional within the retail realm would readily attest that managing cyber risk is a formidable task.

Moreover, the integration of critical systems supporting day-to-day operations, such as point-of-sale systems, inventory management, and the infrastructure required to deliver seamless digital experiences, further amplifies the risk landscape for retailers. These integrations also expose retailers to a plethora of third-party vulnerabilities.

So, what is the overall state of cyber risk management within the retail industry?

This infographic aims to provide an illuminating snapshot of the current state of cyber risk management in the retail sector, shedding light on the challenges faced by retail brands.