What Static Assessments Miss

By CyberGRX

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If you’re still using static assessments, you’re likely missing out on vital risk intelligence. CyberGRX has created a modern approach to cyber risk management, arming third-parties and enterprises with dynamic risk data and actionable insights.

Here’s a quick overview of what you get from the CyberGRX approach that you won’t get from other assessments:

CyberGRX vs Others

Frameworks, Controls, Industry Focus

CyberGRX: Standardized, comprehensive, covers a range of controls and maps back to multiple industry standards.

Others: Usually focused solely on one industry framework.


CyberGRX: Dynamic and digital, assessment data can easily be updated as needed on the Exchange.

Others: Manual and static; typically must renew every year, repeating the entire process.

Data Collection

CyberGRX: Collects structured data, enabling analytics, comparisons, and risk identification.

Others: Collects unstructured data.

Measuring Maturity

CyberGRX: Measures the maturity of people, processes, and technology across the board.

Others: Exclusive focus on the implementation of security controls with little to no focus on program maturity.


CyberGRX: Variety of validation levels that appropriately correspond to risk level and assessment tier.

Others: Most rely on the honor system, where assessees are expected to interpret questions and provide accurate answers.

External Threat Intelligence

CyberGRX: Measures security controls against external threat intelligence to pinpoint risk and gaps.

Others: X

Pre-Assessment Insights

CyberGRX: Calculates a vendor’s business exposure before starting an assessment.

Others: X

Post-Assessment Insights

CyberGRX: Shows where risks lie throughout your entire ecosystem.

Others: X

Modernize your approach to third-party cyber risk while cutting costs, gaining visibility into your ecosystem, honing your risk mitigation efforts and much more.

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