Meet Pat Cope, Software Tester

By Michelle Krasniak, Senior Content Marketing Manager

We at CyberGRX think it's important to put faces behind the names you may encounter in your interactions with us. We always strive to provide a personalized experience for our customers, and what better way to do that than give you a behind the scenes glimpse into our worlds?

Each month we sit down and chat with a team member about what makes them tick and how they landed here at CyberGRX. This month we're featuring Pat Cope, one of our Software Testers!

1. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up up in Denver, Colorado, near Washington Park.

2. What brought you to CyberGRX? 

I wanted to work for a company with a purpose and strong values. I heard about CyberGRX at a networking meeting and started stalking the company. When I met Mike Duskis at a SQUAD meeting, we discovered we shared similar testing philosophies, so here I am!

3. What do you do at CyberGRX/what’s your typical day like? 

As a Software Tester, my job is to understand both our product and the needs of our customers by learning through testing. There isn’t really a typical day. I can be in meetings with the development team, planning our work, or heads down testing. Since my focus is ensuring that our customers, both internal and external, are happy, I spend a lot of time talking to our support team, interviewing them and testing with them. Even though we’re presently remote, we keep tight communication through Slack and virtual meetings.

4. What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Life probably isn’t going to turn out like you expect it to, but roll with it. It might end up better than you thought!

5. What is your most memorable travel experience? 

On a road trip in the dead of winter, we found Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. It's volcanic cone, all black. There was heavy fog and hoar frost on everything so it was like walking into an Ansel Adams photograph. It took my breath away.

6. What’s your hidden superpower?

 I have the ability to look at the big picture and see things from different angles. My college roommate said I look at things sideways.

Michelle Krasniak

Senior Content Marketing Manager


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