Get to Know CyberGRX: Meet Daniel Lamb

By Liesl Geier, VP of Marketing

Meet Daniel, Software Engineer

Where did you grow up?

My family traveled around – primarily to experience the world, as job opportunities would allow.  From Mexico City, to the Alabama Gulf Coast, to the Philippines.  One year, we lived and traveled aboard a sailboat.  That journey spanned the US East Coast, the Bahamas, and down the Caribbean island chain to Puerto Rico.  For approximately the last 10 years, I’ve been back in Colorado.

How did you decide upon a career in cybersecurity?

When deciding on a career path, it’s important to choose something about which one is passionate. Security has always been a concern of mine, and that is what whets the appetite to continuously learn about the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.  As I began researching the steps required to enter the field, opportunities seemed to fall into place quickly.  I surprised myself as I began discovering how much I enjoy learning about things like cryptography, network architecture, and risk management.  The learning never stops.

What brought you to CyberGRX?

Prior to accepting a position at CyberGRX, I attended an excellent accelerated cybersecurity training program called SecureSet Academy.  It was there that I was introduced to CyberGRX.  What stood out to me about the company was (and still is) the world-class team of amazing individuals who have come together to build something great.  I enjoy every opportunity to learn from my coworkers, each with their own uniquely notable skills and experience.

What do you do at CyberGRX ?

Over a year ago I joined CyberGRX as a Third-Party Risk Specialist, where I began by interfacing with customers as they completed assessments using our Third-Party Risk Management platform.  As time progressed, I found myself writing code to meet various needs in my department, and was given a remarkable opportunity to join the software engineering team.

The new role has provided me with many challenges, and valuable experience doing something I greatly enjoy.  Our day-to-day process as a team is flexible yet organized, and we are able to leverage cutting-edge technology throughout the stack.  I’m excited to see where the product is headed.

What project are you particularly proud of?

My team needed a way to visualize internal data.  Communicating with our DevOps and Analytics departments, I took the opportunity to create a custom application as a solution; honing my skills as a developer and providing much needed access to key metrics for several teams within the company.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

It’s ok to live a little.  Life takes time, and so does any accomplishment worth doing.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver?

There’s nothing like hitting the streets of RiNo on my longboard during a sunny autumn weekend, setting a trajectory toward one of the many excellent breweries, with a good book in hand.  That same afternoon I might be found hiking in the mountains, enjoying Colorado’s famously moderate climate and world-renowned scenery.

What’s your hidden super power?

Spiritual meditation, music, and my stunning incomprehension of jokes, cultural references, and sarcasm happening around me.  That last one’s probably not so “hidden”.

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Liesl Geier

VP of Marketing

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