Meet With the CyberGRX Team at RSA Conference 2020

This year will be a breakout year at RSA for all things cybersecurity. And, as we all know, you can’t have cybersecurity without third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM). We will be at booth #4229 to talk about how we can partner with you to optimize your TPCRM program, enabling you to make rapid, informed decisions and confidently engage with your vendors and third parties.

An added bonus, we will be giving away a free consulting engagement and $5,000 donation to Girls who Code to one lucky winner.

It’s time to demand better from your third party and vendor risk management program.

Here’s why: Security ratings are unreliable and often provide false positives. Static spreadsheets eat up valuable time (15,000 hours on average) and resources that could be spent truly managing cyber risk. And, with over 60% of breaches linked to a third party, it’s time to demand a better TPCRM solution.

Here’s how: CyberGRX is a software company on a mission to modernize TPCRM. Our Global Risk Exchange has over 60,000 companies and enables enterprises and third parties to efficiently reduce third-party cyber risk by transforming third-party cyber risk ambiguity and inertia into prioritized and effective risk management.

Whether you’re kickstarting or optimizing your program, we help manage your TPCRM program throughout the entire journey – unlike the traditional approaches. Our innovative solution provides insights every step of the way, moving you from an unprioritized and undefined ecosystem to a clear picture of where to start, finding every hidden risk, and knowing how to mitigate security gaps across your ecosystem.

We’re excited to show you our innovative solution and kickstart your TPCRM journey. Schedule a meeting with us at the RSA Conference.

Meet Us at RSA