Meet Chris Gorsuch, Assessment Services Manager

by CyberGRX

Meet Chris Gorsuch, Assessment Services Manager

1. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a very small town in central Illinois.  Most of my family ran their own businesses.  My father worked long days selling fertilizer and long nights on the farm.  I learned about the importance of hard work from them.

2. What brought you to CyberGRX? 

Companies spend countless hours and millions of dollars establishing world-class security programs only to see their efforts undermined by business partners who lack even the most basic of controls.  In response, they spend even more money validating their partners are trustworthy (while simultaneously trying to convince their own customers to trust them).  I joined CyberGRX because we are trying to solve that problem.

3. What do you do at CyberGRX/what’s your typical day like? 

As manager of assessment services, I oversee a talented team that consolidates the otherwise 1-1 relationships between companies and their business partners into a coordinated response to the assessments problem.  My team explains the concept of the exchange, partners with appropriate security personnel to complete the assessment, and ensures all parties understand the results.

4. What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Keep your eyes open for opportunities and be willing to adapt.  My choice of college, degree, and career were not what I first envisioned.  Paying for college by working in the computer lab convinced me to change to computer science.  Investigating a compromised account taught me this information security thing was pretty interesting.  Interviewing for an information security position, despite having been accepted to graduate school that didn’t have a security program, set me on a path that would find me helping a great company, CyberGRX, solve real-world problems 25 years later.

5. What has had the greatest impact on your life? 

Meeting my wife.  In addition to being a great friend and steadfast supporter, she lead me to the Lord.  I find great comfort in his promise of eternity.

6. What’s your hidden superpower?

Everyone knows that revealing your hidden superpower is a major mistake, second only to being caught monologuing.  [Wait, was this welcome message too long…]

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