Get to Know CyberGRX: Meet Dean Kooiman

Meet Dean, Lead Software Engineer

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What brought you to CyberGRX?

The vision for where we can take this thing really excites me.  I foresaw this platform turning the tide in cyber warfare.  Today companies are fighting an intractable fight; they face an innumerable number of actors, and they have no allies.  This platform elevates a company’s cyber security posture by prioritizing fixes, and will ultimately promote dialog and bring companies together to align efforts in the fight like never before.

What’s your typical day like at CyberGRX?

I drop the kids off at daycare in the morning and jump on a train to downtown.  While I am on the train I use Slack to organize and plan the day.  These days I have a bunch of meetings, but I try and code when I get the chance.  On the coding side, we have a CI/CD pipeline that is triggered by the standard developer workflow, commit, push, merge.  It’s really fun to watch code you wrote work its way through the pipeline.  Fridays are extra casual, I have a standing lunch date with my wife so I am typically not in the office. Those in the office get their work done and then generally kick-off the weekend together by drinking beer and playing pinball.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Pretty sure my teenage self wouldn’t listen to anything I have to say.  I would probably tell me to look for the learning opportunity in all things, that and just accept that your future-wife is correct.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver? 

I just love transplants and the traffic they bring, Denver has that mass transit thing on lock…

In all seriousness, we are close to the grandparents and the mountains.  We like to take the whole clan hiking on weekends. I’m really looking forward to taking my daughter skiing for the first time this winter as well.

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