CyberGRX Partners with Oil and Natural Gas ISAC to Increase Awareness of Enterprise Third-Party Cyber Risk

by CyberGRX


We are proud to announce our inclusion in the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) Partnership Program. By partnering with the ONG-ISAC, we will engage industry organizations to regularly deliver high-quality information, including presentations on best practices and thought leadership insight on pressing topics in the third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) space. 

ONG-ISAC shares advanced analysis with members on the latest and most relevant cyber threat information. They do so by facilitating the collaboration between technology and security solution providers and upstream, midstream, downstream, and field service and supply companies within the oil and gas industry. The ONG-ISAC Partnership Program will enable us to further engage with industry organizations to increase TPCRM awareness, as well as improve enterprise security postures and strengthen customer relationships.

 “Organizations within the oil and natural gas industry are relying more heavily on third-party vendors to conduct business operations and successfully achieve digital transformation. As a result, connected ecosystems are expanding and opening up organizations to increased cyber risk and vulnerabilities,” said Fred Kneip, CEO of CyberGRX. “CyberGRX is excited to partner with ONG-ISAC to share our subject matter expertise and best practices to help industry organizations gain confidence in their third-party cyber risk management programs, while effectively reducing third-party cyber risk.”

“CyberGRX has demonstrated their commitment to making the oil and natural gas industry stronger and safer through their willingness to educate and collaborate with industry organizations to improve the effectiveness of their TPCRM programs,” said Angela Haun, Executive Director at ONG-ISAC. “We are pleased to have CyberGRX join our partner program and are looking forward to the impact they will have on the industry.”

CyberGRX supports organizations of all sizes in identifying and reducing cyber risk created through engagements with third parties and vendors. The CyberGRX Risk Exchange is populated with validated cyber risk data from tens of thousands of companies, creating an insight rich data set that 85,000 companies rely on to prioritize their cyber risks and build effective, risk reducing programs for themselves— and their growing ecosystems. 

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