The Cyber Info Exchange Episode 6: Shadow IT and Digital Transformation

The world of technology and security covers a magnitude of critical topics in all things data privacy, training, policy, and more. With so many topics to cover and so little time between business hours, we’re sitting down to take a deep dive into all things cybersecurity!

This month's podcasts is a roundtable discussion about the connection between digital transformation and shadow IT. 

The special guest for this episode is JD Snodgrass - Director Of Information Technology at CyberGRX. 

The Cyber Info Exchange is a podcast hosted by Dave Stapleton, CISO at CyberGRX, and Shane Hasert, Director of Assessment Operations at CyberGRX. Each episode features the dynamic duo covering specific topics, exploring commonly asked questions, and spotlights discussing current events in the industry with guest professionals from all walks of technology and security.

The resources discussed in this episode include:

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