Evaluating and Vetting: Ensuring Your Third Parties Are Secure

by Fred Kneip

Best Practices for Evaluating and Vetting Third Parties

The global and interconnected nature of business today means that no company or organization is an island. Every modern business relies on many others, either as part of the supply or distribution chain, or for value-added services like accounting and cloud services. But did you know that Digital Transformation increases cyber risk?

With more employees working from home comes more vulnerabilities. There are steps you can take to educate your organization on proper cyber hygiene, but what can you do even before employees are involved? Attackers may not need to breach a well-protected internal server if the same information is not protected to the degree deemed necessary by a third party. If a third party is given some level of trusted access to internal networks, it might be easier for a hacker to simply compromise the third party and then use their access to “legitimately” break into a network containing the target data they want to steal. Read the Full Article

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