A Security Experts Roadmap to Fixing Cyber Security

by Liesl Geier

There are a lot of organizations and individuals dedicated to helping businesses, and the government, stay in front of cyber threats. And for good reason, because the fight for cybersecurity is an asymmetric one, at best.  The challenge for many, however, lies in limited resources and the struggle to prioritize and allocate them in a strategic, effective and efficient manner.

Security experts Mike McConnell, former Director of the NSA, and Patrick Gorman, Chairman of the CyberGRX Advisory Board and former CISO, recently drafted a white paper that proposes five actions organizations should prioritize today. A vital theme running throughout their paper is the role interconnected digital ecosystems play in our security. And as the global business environment continues to rely on third parties, this is something we agree needs more attention.

Third-party cyber risk management is a critical component of cybersecurity, and it will require industry participation and collaboration to succeed.

From rethinking how we define critical infrastructure to setting minimum risk standards and increasing human capital, security experts McConnell and Gorman believe these proposed steps are not new but have simply lacked the leadership and committed to turn them into practice.

To read Mike McConnell and Patrick Gorman’s full white paper, click here.

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