Modernize risk management. Optimize team productivity.

Integrate CyberGRX and ServiceNow VRM to harness the power of the industry’s largest third-party risk Exchange, understand the inherent risk your vendors pose, and leverage workflow capabilities to remediate your risks.


Synchronize ServiceNow VRM vendors to the CyberGRX Exchange and audit your portfolio with ease.

Don’t wait on assessment data – the CyberGRX Exchange has 14,000 attested and standardized assessments to provide immediate insights into the security posture of your vendor portfolio.

Determine the inherent risk of each vendor and prioritize follow-up.

Answer eight simple impact questions to identify the inherent risk posed by each vendor, including probability of targeted attacks and the potential harm to your business, so you can prioritize which vendors need assessments.

Address your risk blindspots and assign remediation tasks.

Behind every successful cybersecurity team are actionable third-party risk insights and a great workflow to implement next steps. The ServiceNow VRM-CyberGRX integration provides the best of both worlds to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Make decisions confidently with a systematic TPRM approach.

Use security controls coverage, maturity scores, gap findings, and the CyberGRX risk report to determine which third parties do not meet your security and risk standards, and boost productivity with automated, cross-functional workflows to address the findings.

To integrate the two platforms:

  1. Purchase a CyberGRX license.
  2. ServiceNow VRM customers: download the integration from the ServiceNow Store.
  3. Install and connect to the CyberGRX API.
  4. Manage your risk confidently.
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