The Only Solution To Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)


Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Third-party cyber risk management is a critical component to any organizations’ security, but many third-party programs are plagued with outdated and inefficient processes that drain resources and provide little insight. As third-party related breaches continue to increase, it’s time to apply a modern approach to third-party risk management. 

We wiped the slate clean and built a third-party risk management solution not encumbered by archaic processes, but rather designed with industry input on how it should work.


The Way Third-Party Risk Management Should Work

A global risk exchange delivery model

Dynamic data & actionable dashboards

Risk assessments as a managed service

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CyberGRX brings efficiency, scalability and accuracy to third-party programs across the globe. Learn about how CyberGRX can assist your organization with cyber risk management in this video.

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