The Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Exchange

The CyberGRX Exchange is the destination for enterprises and third parties to connect based on a common goal to cut out the busy work and take a truly risk-based approach to third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM). The Exchange allows companies with expanding ecosystems to easily scale their programs while reducing the assessment burden third parties deal with every year.

The Power of an Exchange

Rather than maintaining a one-to-one relationship between companies and their third parties, why not work together with a community of risk management professionals towards a common goal of decreasing third-party risk. Why not ditch the disparate, one-to-one assessments, and use dynamic, data-driven one-to-many assessments hosted in an Exchange?

This snapshot of the 55,000 (and counting!) companies on the Exchange illustrates how interconnected all of our ecosystems are. Using an Exchange enables us to leverage each other’s efforts and shared data in the most cost effective way.

Benchmark Your Risk Data Against Others in the Exchange

Residual Risk Insights allow you to compare your third-parties’ assessment results against other companies within your portfolio, or against the Exchange community as a whole, to allow you to make informed decisions.

CyberGRX Exchange Benefits

The CyberGRX Exchange is the only innovative software dedicated to modernizing TPCRM for security professionals, so they can make rapid, informed decisions and confidently engage with their partners.

A largely populated, two-sided marketplace that reduces costs and benefits both sides
Streamlined, cloud based software that automates TPCRM journey
Fast and accurate data provides rapid results

Enterprises and their Third-Parties Benefit from Shared Data


  • Evolve your team from data collectors to risk managers
  • Identify the third parties that pose you the greatest risk
  • Create a prioritized risk-based mitigation strategy
  • Continuously monitor your ecosystem
  • Cost-effectively scale your vendor risk management program
  • Benefit from crowd sourced mitigation efforts


Third Parties

  • Never complete another shared spreadsheet again
  • Identify and understand the remediation with the most yield
  • Share a single assessment with multiple upstream partners
  • Spend more time on proactive risk management
  • Drive business growth with proactive security engagement
How it works for EnterprisesHow it works for Third-Parties

CyberGRX’s Global Exchange is a web-based community that allows organizations to crowdsource data and insights for better decision making. It also equips participants with collective bargaining power around assessments and remediation requests, and enables CyberGRX clients to provide and assess TPCRM information quickly and cost-effectively.

Clare Walker, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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Our Global Risk Exchange and dynamic assessment data and analytics help Enterprises and Third Parties do more with less.