A Force Multiplier for Third-Party Cyber Risk Management


Third-party risk management is a critical component to any organizations’ security, but many third-party programs are plagued with outdated and inefficient processes that drain resources and provide little insight.

CyberGRX brings efficiency, scalability and accuracy to third-party programs across the globe.

The CyberGRX Exchange, coupled with our dynamic assessment data and analytics – including our Auto Inherent Risk Insights (AIR Insights™) – helps enterprises cover more of their critical third parties, while helping both third parties and enterprises execute third-party risk assessments quickly and cost-effectively.

third party risk management TPCRM software iMac with bubble chart

See The Power of the CyberGRX Exchange

This snapshot of the 50,000+ companies on the Exchange illustrates how interconnected all of our ecosystems are.

Benefits of the CyberGRX Solution


  • Evolve your team from data collectors to risk managers
  • Identify the third parties that pose you the greatest risk
  • Create a prioritized risk-based mitigation strategy
  • Continuously monitor your ecosystem
  • Cost-effectively scale your program
  • Benefit from crowd sourced mitigation efforts

Third Parties

  • Never complete another shared spreadsheet again
  • Identify and understand the remediation with the most yield
  • Share a single assessment with multiple upstream partners
  • Spend more time on proactive risk management
  • Drive business growth with proactive security engagement