For Enterprises

CyberGRX for Enterprises

The market’s only third party cyber risk platform

Mitigate Risk

Identify vendors that pose the most risk to your enterprise. Get actionable risk based analytics in a single dashboard

Reduce Costs

When assessing vendors you can leverage prior assessments of that vendor in our Marketplace, reducing the cost of each assessment


Share the results of your risk assessments with upstream business partners. Show you are on top of cyber security


Eliminate Shared Spreadsheets: Complete the CyberGRX assessment once and share with all your up-stream business partners. Shift your team from mundane tasks like completing “shared spreadsheets” to solving real risk management challenges.
Reduce Complexity: Understand where to bolster your security program through a consolidated view of recommendations from your up-stream business partner ecosystem. There is no cost to join the CyberGRX Exchange.
Automation: Never receive a progress update call or email again from your up-stream business partners. Automate the process through our collaborative model. Completing the CyberGRX assessment is easy using our portal based assessment interface and the ability to delegate portions of the assessment to subject matter experts.

4 Easy Steps


1. Load your third parties into the CyberGRX Plan module

2. Answer questions to determine inherent risk

3. CyberGRX’s proprietary Dynamic Risk Ranker™ recommends appropriate level of due diligence for each third party

4. Visualize your third party ecosystem by services provided, inherent risk and by asset class involved


1. If your third party’s assessment is in the CyberGRX Exchange, place an order and you’ll receive instant access (upon approval by third party)

2. If your third party’s assessment is not yet in the CyberGRX Exchange, initiate coverage and our team performs the assessment from beginning to end. Assessment options – all updated quarterly:

Tier 1: On-site assessment with validated evidence of controls

Tier 2: Long-form self-assessment with automated validation rules

Tier 3: Short-form self-assessment with self attestation


1. CyberGRX identifies the greatest risk exposures and recommends prioritized remediation advice to your third parties

2. Machine learning driven algorithms drive the decomposition of successful breaches and illuminate areas where mitigation will be most successful

3. Collaborate with your third parties to agree upon a mitigation plan

4. Visualize remediation progress via the CyberGRX Progress Tracker™

5. Full audit trail of all communication


1. CyberGRX ingests threat and business intelligence from top providers and correlates back to third parties in your ecosystem

2. Receive an alert if a third party experiences a state change

A. Breach

B. Acquisition/Divestiture

C. New attack that leverages a weak control

Training & SUPPORT

Our Customer Care and Customer Success teams provide white glove service and training throughout the lifecycle of our relationship. Enterprises or third parties can call our team of experts with questions to remove the support burden from your team. Additionally, training is complementary.

Our team of third party cyber risk experts are a phone call, email, or chat away and are always ready to help.

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