TPRM Pricing Aligned to Your Needs

We work with you to create a pricing strategy that aligns to your third-party portfolio

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Customized Pricing for Unique Vendor Ecosystems

Third-party cyber risk management isn’t a one size fits all concept, which is why we’ve built an end to end TPCRM solution that is priced based on the size and inherent risk of your third-party ecosystem.

How it Works

We offer third-party cyber risk management as an annual subscription service and your subscription price is based on the number of third parties you have under management with CyberGRX.

  1. Once third parties are loaded into the CyberGRX platform, we use Auto Inherent Risk insights to calculate likelihood and impact, using pre-populated answers and adjusting to reflect unique business relationships
  2. We work with you to review highest risk or critical exposure vendors against your set risk thresholds
  3. Once you’ve prioritized your third parties against risk exposure, we work with you to develop an analysis and monitoring strategy that includes a mix of available assessments on our Exchange, Predictive Risk profiles, and assessments requests for additional information.
  4. We work with you to understand your goals and timeline and build a proposal based on your unique ecosystem and needs. We also help to establish a playbook for managing your third-party risk beyond an assessment.

Engagement priced to fit your needs

Pricing for CyberGRX is based on the number of third parties under management within your portfolio. Access to the CyberGRX platform includes all features including Predictive Risk Profiles and validated assessment data on our Exchange for your identified third parties, integrated threat intelligence, and risk ratings. In addition, each customer has access to a dedicated Customer Service Manager to help with onboarding and gaining value from our engagement.

Without CyberGRX

With CyberGRX

Vendor risk management technology platform

CyberGRX SaaS Exchange

included in annual subscription

Sending and managing Excel-based questionnaires

Automated data collection and curation

included in annual subscription

Dedicated TPRM analysts

Assessment, validation, and quality assurance via CyberGRX analysts

included in annual subscription

Performing control validation

Shared cost model with CyberGRX’s Exchange

included in annual subscription


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