A Force Multiplier for Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

CyberGRX brings efficiency, scalability and accuracy to third-party programs across the globe. The CyberGRX Exchange is a central hub where enterprises and third parties can easily access, order and share dynamic, risk-based assessments. CyberGRX assessments are offered as a managed service, in three tiers, covering low and high-risk third parties and include a corresponding level of validation. Our dynamic assessments and advanced analytics provide you with an up-to-date view of risk, so you can continuously monitor your ecosystem and generate mitigation insights.

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What We Do


Dynamic, up-to-date assessments managed as an end to end service
Structured and delivered in a smart format with skip level logic
3 assessment tiers, determined by inherent risk with corresponding validation support
Based on NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001 frameworks
Enterprises can easily browse and order assessments to quickly identify their riskiest vendors
Third parties can complete one standardized assessment and share it upstream with many partners.
Ongoing Monitoring
Actionable Insights
Risk Based Approach

What It Means For You


  • Identify the third parties that pose you the greatest risk
  • Create a prioritized risk-based mitigation strategy
  • Continuously monitor your ecosystem
  • Create a scalable program that can accommodate your entire ecosystem
  • Evolve your team from data collectors to risk managers

Third Parties

  • Never complete another shared spreadsheet again
  • Identify the remediation with the most yield
  • Fill in one assessment, and share it with as many upstream partners as you like
  • Drive business growth by demonstrating your proactive engagement with your security posture