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Why Partner with CyberGRX?

High Demand in Market

With so many cyber breaches caused by insecure third parties, CISOs are under significant pressure to solve the TPCRM problem. While many other areas of IT security are evolving through innovation and AI/ML applications, TPCRM is still largely stuck using outdated processes, leaving many risk professionals searching for a better way of securing their environment at scale. CyberGRX was founded specifically to address that problem.

Selling Made Easy

There is no hard sell with CyberGRX. The value of our solution is immediately evident – lower costs, increased risk management capabilities, demonstrated risk reduction and rapid scalability for a company’s vendor ecosystem. Pricing structure, solution implementation and the sales process are all easy to understand and streamlined, making transactions painless.

Technology Leadership

CyberGRX maintains the largest threat intelligence data exchange with over 75,000 (and growing) vendors on our platform. CyberGRX AIR Insights™ enables immediate inherent risk insights and risk rankings for any vendor ecosystem. We also conduct standardized risk assessments on behalf of our customers that are validated, continuously updated and always available within our cloud platform.

Awards & Recognitions

Ranked #1 by Gartner for Vendors’ Product Scores for VRM Solution and Vendor Risk Assessment Data (December 2019)

Key Partner Benefits

Partnership is a two-way street. Commit to us, we’ll invest in you.

  • Joint selling model
  • Tiered margin structure
  • Performance & value-added rebates
  • Deal registration
  • Sales and training incentive programs
  • Notification of special offers & promotions
  • Channel account manager support
  • Business planning
  • Free sales and technical training
  • Marketing development funds for lead generation
  • Access to campaign solution kits
  • Access to partner portal and content libraries
  • Access to monthly channel communications
  • Alerts to new sales enablement materials
  • Case study collaboration
  • Promotional use of partner logo
  • Invitation to partner events

Profitability & Partner-Led Services

Profitability & Partner-Led Services

Profitability in Sales

Tiered margin structure
Comp-neutral sales program
Deal protection & deal registration for partners

Incentive Program for Partners

Incentives are available for partners as part of a journey. Each milestone hit results in incentives for training, customer engagements, new deal submissions and more.

Partner-Led Services

CyberGRX does not offer consulting or managed security services for our customers’ broader TPCRM programs. We work with qualified IT security services partners to deliver these value-added services.