Supplement & Support Your TPCRM Team

Service packages are designed with an outcome-based delivery intent. Our team of third-party risk management experts will work with you to determine the best package based on your specific use case, program maturity, resource constraints, and throughput objectives. As part of any package, your service professional will provide a set of core services throughout the duration of your engagement that addresses discovery and roadmap development, planning and oversight, as well as organization change management.

Cybergrx Client Services

Benefits of the CyberGRX Client Services Offerings

  • Improve speed to value-capture with guided implementation and platform engagement to meet specific needs
  • Choose from four, outcome-based service packages based on your desired objectives
  • Drive rapid results with dynamic third-party risk data and advanced analytics that provide a current and prioritized view of critical third-party risk
  • Speed up assessment throughput and gain visibility into threat-based third-party risks

CyberGRX Client Services Packages

Our service packages are designed to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes. Our team of third-party cyber risk experts bring years of knowledge and experience to help you determine the right level of engagement and support needs. All centered on the cutting-edge CyberGRX platform, our client services help you take your third-party cyber risk management program to the next level.

Client Services- Transform


With specialized areas of focus on program evaluation, reporting enhancements, and integration architecture, this package helps
you overcome third-party cyber risk management program challenges so you’re able to provide meaningful and actionable data to your stakeholders.

Client Services- Build


This package focuses on third- party cyber risk management programs that are in an earlier stage. Goals include building program capabilities to enable your organization to manage the risk of new third parties brought into your environment as well as identifying and analyzing a specific scope of third parties to be assessed and developing a strategy to assess and manage risk for that population.

Client Services - Run


You’ll have an embedded delivery resource to assist with third-party assessment completion as well a senior-level consultant who will plan, design, implement, and oversee the delivery of these services.

client services table